• Find your hearts desire

Hello welcome to Leadership Dimensions.

My name is Jae and I am a coach, I work with people like you, like me, we can all benefit from coaching.  Please have a look around, if you have any questions please do go to the contact page and get in touch.

My background is in the arts and project management, I started life as a Stage Manager and have since worked as Production and Technical manager all over the world,  on small arts events, huge corporate events, managed large teams against tight deadlines, facilitated conflict resolution projects for IREX and USAID and worked extensively in higher Education,  my breadth of experience across may sectors has given me a wide appreciation of the stresses and challenges of work and life.

I had the wonderful opportunity eight years ago to start started training  as a Psychotherapist at the Institute of Psychosynthesis and i still work as a counsellor.  In the last few years I have been able  to put my psychological training to use in a different area and so I began coaching both as a life and executive coach working with individuals and organisations from a wide variety of backgrounds.

I Believe in coaching and the transformations good coaching can make in anyone’s life or business, I hold myself to the highest of professional standards and I ensure my work is audited regularly to ensure I am working within the framework of best practice as set out by APECS (Association of Professional Executive Coaches)

I have set out below my core aims which I believe set me apart from many other coaches

Your hearts Desire is my hearts Desire

I want what my clients want. I believe passionately that coaching has the ability to change lives for the better and I devote my will to our clients fulfilling their goals. The client is the leader and I work with no outside agenda, no preconceptions and no assumptions to ensure that your goals are my goals.

Coaching Can Go Deeper

I want to bring psychological expertise to coaching and the ability to work not only with the present and future but to also see how past histories, personalities and survival aspects are affecting our clients. From this basis I can create long term change and help my clients reach their clear goals and fulfil their needs. With my background in Psychology and my experience as a therapist I can see how patterns from a clients history may be affecting them in the present.

Supervision is king

I want to ensure my practice is as open and is held to a high standard of excellence. I work closely with the Institute of Psychosynthesis and I ensure that my work is supervised regularly by supervision trained coaches. In practice this means my  work is examined and audited regularly to ensure I meet the high standards our clients expect, this means you will not only have my experience working with you but that of another highly experienced coach as well.

I don’t have all the answers, you do

This is your process, I am not a trainer, I am a coach, i will question and challenge and mirror and inform but a good coach will never tell you what you should be doing. You are the expert, you know you better than I ever could, but I will help you reach your goals by supporting you to realise your own abilities.